SEDY EGYPT established on 1986, since its founding, we have contributed in developing paper mill, printing and packaging industry and we strive to continuously achieve this goal.
SEDY EGYPT is your consultant in helping you choose the best equipment to product distribution. we offer you our paper mill equipment in various models and different types of finishing so that you can get an elegant product capable of competing not only locally, but also abroad; as the world is now becoming a smaller place we must always look beyond our narrow borders to raise the volume of business and to constantly deliver the highest quality products.
SEDY EGYPT with its sales team will help customers for paper mill design and build starting from the beginning till the paper production, we only have one question to our clients, and do you have a land? Just customer answer SEDY will do the rest.
in last few years SEDY EGYPT succeeded to build many complete paper mill projects all are running excellent and our customers are too happy not only with our sales team but also with our after sales service, behind you we have 20 professional after sales engineers, all have training in our partners factories and very well educated in paper mill industry.

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