Egg Tray

Since 1985, Our machine equipment Co.,ltd. has started to work on the technic,equipment,research and impolder of paper pulp moulding .From then on,our company commanded a good market in China.we have a group of high diathesis technicians,wokers and service stuff. On the basic of digesting the worldwide advanced technic,we make further innovation .Through the modern ideal and advanced machining methods,we made out the ZMG series paper pulp moulding product line

Our machines are CE certificate ,Europe & Japan Components

automatic paper pulp moulding product line applies, Our Machine turning forming machine ,which is turning to move so that it can be used for forming mould of all kinds of shape;and it also has the shower to keep the equipment clean ;the transfer mould moves up-down and forward-backward,which can convey the product gently to the net strip for the drier,in this case ,the product will not easy to distort in the process . The drier can apply to several kinds of heat ways such as gas , diesel oil,steam,heat transfer oil,coal and so on according to the demand of the customer .The features of this series of the product line consist of advanced structure , complete function ,high automatization ,esay operation and maintenance, larger application range and so forth .The turning forming machine is the equipment that has more advanced structure and the most complete functions .

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