Paper Converting

About Milltex

milltex2-1Milltex established in 1987 began business with the rebuilding of equipment for the paper industry increasing the quality and the quantity of the production.. Using the experience the founding partners acquired in engineering and construction of special machines, gradually shifted to operating area to offer the current range of converting machinery for paper and cardboard in paper mills and converters . Particularly Milltex is able to construct and deliver the following machines.

  • Syncro sheeters
  • Syncro sheeters
  • Slitters rewinders
  • Embossing – wrapping
  • Unwinding
  • Transport and handling paper rolls
  • Accessories for the paper industry

The study and design of plant and machinery which they are composed is followed by internal engineers, using computer programs for mechanical design based on AutoCAD. The archive drawings can provide for spare parts and commercial spare parts for the period of use of the machinery. The professional training of our technical, sales and administrative staff combined with a challenging and rewarding working environment has resulted in a minimum turn-over. This has safeguarded the continuity and strategies of the company.




Sheeters for paper and board
This range of sheeters is designed to provide high performance with high cut quality. The technology of this construction satisfies the operator’s request to have a very simple way to operate on the sheeter under all working conditions, with easy change of both format and production parameters. Milltex created the variable geometry on the cutting unit to fit the cutting angle to different paper or board type for the achievement of the best clearness in the transversal cut.

Syncroflex DIGI


Cut size for ream (digit formats)
The Syncroflex Digi has a cutting range between 210 mm length and 600 mm length.
The machine is equipped with pocket to collect the ream and a pincers for the ream exit. A transversal conveyor belt is positioned in front of the pincers to collect the ream and to transport the same in left or right way.


WR 43


The wrapping machine WR43 is designed to have the maximum flexibility for all possible digit formats on the market. It is possible to wrap formats between 216mm x 279mm up to 470mm x 533,5 mm.
The wrapping machine incorporates a rotary cutter to cut the wrapping material. The maximum diameter of the wrapping paper reels 800mm. The girth seal and end seals of the ream are made with hot melt adhesive.

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