Pulp Machine Equipment

Make pulp from:-

  1. Rice Straw
  2. Wheat Straw
  3. Bagasse
  4. Cotton Straw

1-Production lines for chemical pulping

The complete set of equipment of production line for chemical pulping can be designed and manufactured, including pulp mill digesters and vacuum washers. The pulp mill digesters are its leading products, with more than 40 years history and market-share reaches 90 %, which have been accepted and won confidence from its customers.

The displacing pulping technology has been successfully developed, which is the neotype of pulping technology with high efficiency and energy saving property. This technology can save steam consumption as much as 60 %, which is equivalent to saving 10,000 tons of standard coal; and this technology can reduce the emission of SO2 and dust up to 15 %, and the discharge of waste gas is reduced greatly while the discharge of waste water reaches 0.




The flow chart of technological process of chemical pulping is illustrated in figure 10.


Figure 10 Flow Chart of Technological Process of chemical pulping

2 Production lines for waste paper pulping

  The complete set of equipment of production line for waste paper pulping with production capacity about 400 thousands tons can be designed and manufactured, including multi disks and pressurized screen. The flow Chart of Technological Process of waste paper pulping is illustrated in figure 11.



3.Disc filter are its leading products, and there are more than 300 multi disks have been applied, with the maximum filtering area up to 1024m2 per disk. These products have been used to recycling whitewater and to concentrating slurry. When applied in recycling whitewater, the removal rate of solids substances reach 90-98 %, and the concentration of the super cleaning water reach 20-30 ppm, which could be applied to production system, and realizes 0 discharge; when applied to concentrating slurry, the concentration of slurry reaches 13 %. All these products run stably and reliably hitherto. Its typical customers of the multi disks include Xielang Company in The Republic of Indonesia, YunFeng Yu ( Yangzhou) Pulp & Paper Co.,Ltd, Nine Dragon Paper (Holding) Limited.



4.The pulp mill digesters are also its leading products, and such specifications as 75,110,135,175,225,250,300,330,400,500 m3 can be manufactured, with the maximum diameter 5.9 m, and the maximum volume 500 m3. The material of the pulp mill digesters vary with the technology process of alkaline pulping and that of acidic sulphite pulping, including carbon steel structure, clad steel plate structure, stainless steel structure(including duplex stainless steel). These products are mainly applied to fiber production of chemical pulp and dissolving pulp.



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