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Easy Installation – Easy Operation – Easy Price- Easy Crescent: Easy Tissue

Easy Crescent is a Recard brand: it is uniquely designed to minimize cost and power consumption, against lower production (for special projects). Easy Crescent is a plant with a good production capacity, in line with the needs of today’s developing/emerging/growing market. Easy Crescent is the result of Recard innovation and experience got from more than 120 tissue plants on 5 continents.


The Crescent Former is the culmination of technological improvements derived from our experience in the manufacturing of four machines since the 1960s (Plain Wire; Sloped Wire; Twin Wire C-Former; and Twin Wire S-Former). The first Crescent Former was invented in the 1970s by the multinational Kimberly Clark which held the patent until the Nineties.
Our technological innovations and more than 50 years of experience in the field of tissue ensure the highest levels of performance from the Recard Crescent Former.

Each Recard Crescent Former is designed to optimize the real operating speed of your production line. We have achieved performance of over 2000 meters per minute.


Recard’s rewinders are simple to use. They allow you to cut and pair quickly anywhere from one to four plies, according to your needs. They are distinguished by their simple design and particularly solid structure.

The rewinder makes the difference. It is a machine that complements your system of tissue production and completes the production cycle without the need to outsource the service.

Technical Data:

  • Simple, straight forward design and solid construction
  • Up to four unwinders
  • Any paper width up to 5.500 mm
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic controls
  • Reliable and effective reel density control system ensuring uniform winding volume and density
  • Different cutting systems according to customer needs
  • Variable crown calander


The proper preparation of the pulp mixture is the fundamental first step in obtaining a high-quality final product.

For this reason, the machines which treat the fiber represent an important starting point in the production cycle of the tissue.

Recard provides machines customized plants for the preparation of stock.


The Rebuild Program is the reconditioning and updating by Recard of pre-existing machines using the advanced technology of the Crescent Former. The Rebuild Program optimizes the production capacity of the entire plant as well as improving the quality of the paper produced.

The Rebuild Program is based on simplicity. The parts and technology of the Crescent Former are easily adapted to older Twin Wire, Sloped Wire, and Plain Wire machines. Additionally, thanks to an extensive experience in the reconditioning of machines even from competing manufacturers, Recard can find an appropriate solution in almost any circumstance.

With the information about the design of your existing production line and its current performance, as well as details of your future performance expectations following the reconditioning, Recard will provide a thorough assessment and cost projection.

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